Splodge Meet Mustard Pants, Mustard Pants Meet Splodge

by Jumbo Pimp



In 1988 a scientist by the name of Dr. Splodge began conducting experiments in his lab in Iowa, attempting to turn he and one of his assistants into various animals and back again. On one fateful day his assistant simply vanished never to be seen again, while later on that day, after repeated attempts at trying to turn himself into an otter, Splodge somehow succeeded into turning himself, quite by accident, into a monkey. Oddly enough, in that very same week, quite unbeknownst to Dr. Splodge, a certain Dr. Mustard Pants had begun conducting trans-species experiments in his own lab in Melbourne, Australia with the express purpose of transforming himself into a monkey and within two days had miraculously succeeded. However, just like Dr. Splodge, he was unable to reverse the procedure no matter how hard he tried, and it was in the autumn of 1989, that a mutual colleague, a scientist by the name of Dr. Whirlybird MacAboou, introduced the two scientists-turned-monkeys in the hopes that they might be able to help each other in furthering their experiments and also, of course, in turning themselves back into the humans that they once were. The two men were introduced by Dr. MacAboou in a jungle whose precise location unfortunately must remain undisclosed, with the intention of setting up a secret lab there. The lab was indeed set up, and through word of mouth in the scientific community, the site attracted other scientists that had suffered from apparent irreversible trans-species experiments, and though there has been no verification of this figure, it is estimated that some 75 mutant scientists live and work in this jungle colony. It is also unknown whether any of these scientists have had any success in reverting back to their previous forms, though it is suspected unlikely.


released April 11, 2014

Jumbo Pimp: Vocals, instruments, compositions
Yi Yuanji: Cover painting



all rights reserved


Jumbo Pimp England, UK

Experimental, ambient, unclassifiable artist on the Rota Frangitur Records label. ..More artists on Rota Frangitur: Abquexa, Ocadium, blow dart, Qualo Infinity, Karakasa Kozō, Huso Fin, Cooper Raines, Aki Tchen, Nik Thursday, Opinion Poll, History, Scotty Delowe, and Hank Barnes. ... more

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